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In your practice, you may run into usages requiring Antique Heart Pine (Pinus Palustris). E. T. Moore is the largest Processor of this Recycled Material. Heart Pine was a wood of choice in many larger homes in the first 200 years of our nation’s history, especially in the South, where it originally grew. Unfortunately, demand for this material caused it to be timbered off by the early years of this century. Because it grew very slowly and required between 150 and 400 years to develop the “heart” which gives the material its distinctive color and hardness, it is unlikely that it will ever again be available in commercial quantities. E. T. Moore has pioneered the salvage of reclaimed Heart Pine. When we first started, (over 40 years ago) demolition companies hauled this national treasure to the landfill seeing no value in this old scrap wood. With our past knowledge in heavy construction we have purchased buildings containing pine timber, (primarily old mills of no historic significance), and bring the raw stock to our facilities in Richmond. This experience has allowed us to work along with other less experienced demolition contractors to increase the maximum salvage out of the building. As we are in the reclaimed demolition business, we also offer old brick, cobblestone and other old materials. We have approximately 90 Heart Pine moldings in stock and have the capacity to duplicate any other molding on a custom basis, which may involve a tooling charge depending on the individual case. We would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate some of the varied uses of this truly unique antique American wood and perhaps to show samples in the near future… Further, we welcome any inquiry and cordially invite you to visit our facilities in Richmond---they are truly unique.