NOVA RT September 5, 2014


NOVA Urban Forestry Quarterly Roundtable

Friday September 5, 2014

** CHANGE:  The NOVA Roundtable is being held in the  

Fairfax County Herrity Building, 12055 Government Center Parkway Room #106

Fairfax VA  22035

There is no fee for registration fee for the NOVA Roundtable. 

However, you may pay $10.00 for a boxed lunch OR

you may bring your own brown bag lunch. 

There is an option on the registration page to pay $10.00 for lunch using PayPal or Pay by Check.  If you are bringing your own lunch, please register by clicking Pay by Check and entering "bring own lunch" in the Comment field.

AGENDA "Soil Volume for Urban Tree Stress Reduction and Stormwater Management"

Climate change will stress our existing urban forests through new weather patterns, changes in pest and disease distributions and other unforeseen issues.  There is little urban foresters can do today to address these future stressors, but we can eliminate existing stressors, like inadequate soil volume and irrigation as we plant the future urban forests.  By providing our new trees with a good foundation, we can help them deal with the stress of climate changes. 


Event Properties

Event date 09-05-2014 9:30 am
Event End Date 09-05-2014 2:00 pm
Capacity 55
Available place 1
Individual Price $10.00
Location Fairfax County Government Center