Virginia Tree Stewards

Virginia Tree Stewards

Tree Stewards are trained community volunteers committed to promoting healthy urban and rural forests in Virginia.  Tree Stewards provide training classes, educational programs, and projects in their communities intended to increase public awareness of the value of trees while teaching about trees and tree care. With classroom training and hands-on practice, Tree Stewards are equipped to identify trees, counsel on tree selection, demonstrate proper tree planting and follow-up care, and guide removal of invasive plants that threaten trees.

Visit Tree Steward group websites listing below.  Information regarding upcoming training opportunities and volunteer events can be found there.  
Each person taking the Tree Steward training makes a commitment to return a specific number of volunteer hours contributing to local Tree Steward projects. Each community determines the number of hours, sets the standards for volunteer work, and decides the Tree Steward projects its volunteers will undertake. Tree Steward volunteers are a positive force for change in their communities.  All Tree Steward projects are tailored to meet the needs of their communities.
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Virginia Tree Steward
Training Manual

The 4th edition (2020 revision) of the Virginia Tree Steward Manual is available online - see link below!  This edition includes 10 units and select Tree Steward stories from across the state. Thank you to everyone that helped make this revision happen.

The newsest addition in 2023 is a series of supplemental videos for the different units in the manual. Click the video button below to view them on Youtube. Enjoy!
Tree Steward Training Manual

Mini Grants

The Trees Virginia Mini-Grants are intended to assist the work of Tree Stewards in their communities. These funds may be used to support the training of Tree Stewards, purchase tools and equipment, acquire trees to plant, or develop educational materials or events. The purpose of the mini-grants is to provide equitable appropriation to Tree Steward Groups rather than awarding funds to groups on a first-come, first-served basis.

The application period for December 2023-June 2024 has closed. 

Trees Virginia awarded Mini Grants for this period to the following groups:  Fairfax Tree Stewards, Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards (CATS); Arlington/Alexandria Tree Stewards; Richmond Tree Stewards; Roanoke Tree Stewards; and Shenandoah Green (Staunton Tree Stewards).  

This is a reimbursement grant – the group must spend the funds requested first, and only after the Reporting Form is submitted will a refund check be sent. Receipts must be received for all expenses that are associated with the project. If necessary for larger projects, a partial reimbursement can be requested while the project is still ongoing. For new Tree Steward groups that cannot upfront costs for a project please reach out and expenses can be directly paid for certain projects.
Who may apply?
There are currently 13 established groups throughout the state, with three other localities in the startup process.  All groups are encouraged to apply using the online application linked below.

Interested in applying for a mini grant?

Mini grants are now open for applications until Monday, November 27, 2023.

Tree Steward Symposium

Thanks to the Tree Steward groups and the speakers that attended the 2023 Tree Steward Symposium in Fredericksburg VA on Friday September 22.  More info about this event will be added soon! 

Trees Virginia, in partnership with the Virginia Tree Steward Chapters, hosts a bi-annual educational conference for active tree steward members. This event allows groups to share, socialize and learn about each other’s programs. Groups share challenges and accomplishments as well as learn about the latest tree care management best practices.
People attending tree symposium

Get Involved

We need your help! You can help us protect our urban forests and community trees.